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RPA for Home Automation

by sol-admin

You already know about how various vendors help enterprises to get rid of human work while solving tedious, monotonous, and time-consuming tasks. That issue is being solved by implementing software robots operating 24/7 and many times faster. But let’s ask ourselves – don’t we have such kinds of tasks not only at work but also at home? There might be a difference in their duration, but the answer is most likely “yes”, we do. Let’s bet not everybody who knows about RPA has ever heard about RPA at home. Here is about one sample of that.

Lucy is an intelligent robotic system designed to automate the home. It works on the combination of AI and RPA, which helps Lucy to do many robotic tasks. Installation of Lucy helps you control your home within minimum time. Lucy can integrate with all your existing devices. Everything is just at your fingertip.

Lucy can control all your electronic home appliances through voice command. It can understand English and Hindi and it also allows you to keep an eye on your home and control it with your smartphones from anywhere around the world.

Here is a brief video presentation of the product.