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RPA for HR Functions at Dell

by sol-admin

As you can see on our website, HR functions are in high demand to automate. It is one of the most suitable areas where RPA can make a big difference. Here is another sample of that – Joe Cotnoir, Director of HR Business Process Enablement at Dell, shares the details of how Dell has built its RPA program to automate all of the back-end transactional work in platforms like Workday and ServiceNow and refocus the HR team to work on more valuable tasks.

The biggest thing in HR that Joe looked at is taking a look at transactional opportunities that their team members are having to do in and out of Dell’s core systems. He meant, Dell made a heavy investment in its core systems – Workday, ServiceNow, Fieldglass, but, by doing so HR staff needs to also transact inside of those systems.

If you think of the HR function, a lot of people think it’s the hands-on human, interaction, at front and center, but there’s a whole bunch of things that happen behind the scenes. So, specifically at Dell, Joe’s team really tried to look at how they could automate all of these back-end transactional roles so that their HR team members who are doing these transactional roles could really begin to add more value in their role, begin to do more in the human resources.

It must be mentioned that the RPA effort at Dell is certainly not limited to HR by any means. It’s obviously only a piece, probably a small piece of the overall automation, but it is really just kind of one other brick in that overall RPA journey that Dell has.