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RPA for Payroll Reconciliation

by sol-admin

Payroll reconciliation is when you compare your payroll register with the amount you’re planning to pay out to your employees to confirm those numbers match. Let us introduce to you how payroll reconciliation can be automated through RPA. Before getting into the demo, let’s take a look at how a person would perform the process manually:

Typically, they start by logging into their HR management system, in this example – ADP. Once in ADP, they’ll navigate to the reports section, find the remittance report, change the paid date values to be the first and last day of the month, and run the report. Then they open the downloaded remittance report in Excel and copy all the data into month hours, insert a pivot table filling in the necessary fields, running macros, and finally exporting the PDFs to send them by email or upload them into a shared folder.

In the video below you can see how a bot can perform this process in a fraction of the time.