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RPA for Restaurant Brands

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This company owns, operates, and franchises two well-known restaurant brands. The brands specialize in the operation of fast-casual/quick-service restaurants that offer distinct and unique flavors with broad appeal at a compelling value. The brands specialize in fresh-made cooking, drive-thru service, and catering. The company was founded in 2011, it is now headquartered in Texas and has about 10,000 employees.

The business wanted to reduce the time and manual labor spent on the weekly inventory reconciliation process as well as automate daily sales discounts. They required a solution that would:

  • verify the inventory count for each store (from the prior week to the current week) automatically;
  • reconcile discrepancies between inventory quantities and absolute cost deviation from an indicated metric value;
  • send an email outlining the details of items that needed to be recounted;
  • push daily emails to the managers with the discount information for specific inventory.

Smartbridge was chosen for the implementation of an agile development approach with short sprints to present POC results in less than 3 days. Support from UiPath was also critical.

The bot was configured to read the input data from the inventory audit report and classify the records that needed validation using the metrics defined by the business (weekly cost, deviation of inventory, and standard cost deviation). The data being filtered was easy to read and properly categorized by item and store. Once the planner completed or adjusted the output report, the bot was able to process that output, and send individual emails to each store detailing items in need or recount.

Business impact
The company received a time savings of 87% per process.

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