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RPA for Sauna Reservation Billing

by sol-admin

Newsec – the Full Service Property House in Northern Europe – offers real estate owners, investors, and tenants a full range of services within the areas of Property Asset Management and Advisory. Newsec was founded in 1994 and is today a partner-owned company with some 2 000 co-workers in seven markets. Here is the story about its RPA journey.


“Growth, system overhauls, and competitive situation are important reasons for increasing efficiency. Newsec wishes to be a pioneer in the business, and robotics fits into this image well. The main reason for starting the RPA project, however, was employee satisfaction. We wanted to free up specialists’ time from routine work so that they could work in more significant tasks.”

Lauri Pulkka, Development Manager, Newsec

Newsec chose Staria, the Nordic Partner of UiPath, on the basis of Staria’s references and range of services.

A suitably ambitious process was chosen to be the first since we wanted to emphasize the benefits of RPA. A robot named “Ruttunen” takes care of billings for sauna turns and parking space reservations by copying the information from an electronic maintenance log into the billing system. There are approximately 10,000 reservations to be billed per year, each of which can be completed by an experienced employee in three minutes at best. The RPA project was launched in November 2018 and completed in January 2019. Minor changes have been made during the spring to ensure that the robot’s work was as broad as possible.

Nobody enjoyed working with the enormous amount of reservations, and so the first robot was met in Newsec with rounds of applause. New robotics projects are already being planned. The goal is for the next set of robots to free up even more real estate specialists’ time to work on tasks that are more suitable for their expertise.