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RPA for SMEs

by sol-admin

Tailent is a Romanian technology startup that is meant to make RPA more affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company claims that traditional RPA is broken because it’s:

  • exclusive – reachable only by large enterprises;
  • expensive – licensing always come with a premium;
  • slow – producing effective results takes a lot of time;
  • complex – proper setups happen in centers of excellence;
  • annoying – always starting from scratch, no reusability;
  • too closed – robots & partners cannot learn from each other.

That’s why enabling RPA for SMEs became a mission of Tailent that believes in affordable, approachable, and ready to use automation, suitable for any organizations that want to start their automation journey by putting Tailent Automation Platform (TAP™) to their own good use. The straight-to-the-point pricing from Tailent starts just from 500 Euros/ a month:

  • Limitless license, 500€/mo./seat
  • Continuously expanding marketplace, development community & learning resources
  • Reusability of developed & downloaded assets across the system
  • ROI from day 1

To get more information about Tailent Automation Platform from the point of view of SMEs, visit its website.