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RPA for Södertälje Municipality

by sol-admin

Södertälje is a municipality in Stockholm County in east-central Sweden. Being forced to rapidly grow its temporary workforce in response to the COVID-crisis, Södertälje recognized a significant risk of overloading its manual processes related to managing its expansive workforce. Automating these administrative tasks enabled the municipality to focus on organizing its citizens the required services and support during the health crisis.

The crucial automation that enabled Södertälje to better handle the new operational pressures replaced the manual sign-off of temporary workers’ work hours. The automation moved from idea to production in two months and has generated monthly time-savings worth 0,5 FTEs (full-time employees).

Södertälje is a public sector forerunner in digitalization and has worked closely with Digital Workforce, a leading expert in Intelligent Automation services, since 2018. Digital Workforce provides Södertälje RPA on demand through its Robot as a Service – cloud platform, RPA maintenance, and expert services.

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