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RPA Helped Chinese Insurance Giant Become Much More Efficient

by sol-admin

Taikang Pension & Insurance Co. Ltd. offers insurance services. It owns 34 branches across China. The company provides annuities insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, pension insurance, and other insurance products to more than 420,000 corporations.

The Chinese insurance space is notable for its extremely high rate of competition. Taikang Pension’s IT systems had been built by a local vendor and required considerable manual intervention. Wanting to improve customer experience, the company knew it needed to integrate its front-end, middle, and back-end systems, connect internal and external systems, connect workflow and information flow, and enhance efficiency and business value. RPA turned out a realistic way to accomplish that.

Taikang Pension implemented an RPA center of excellence (CoE) and began by focusing on processes in IT, finance, human resources, and operations. Three full-time employees partnered with eight Automation Anywhere employees to roll out the project. They started by automating the daily operations report. Process discovery workshops helped them quickly build a pipeline of projects, which gained enthusiastic participation from employees. As a result, 43 business units across China applied the federated CoE model to adopt automation in their units.

The notification feature of the automation platform has played an important role in reducing the customer’s need for live help, by sending automatic reminders to ensure insurance payments clear on time as well as providing status updates on service requests.

Referring to the applications built by the local vendor to access customer policy details proved time-consuming and ineffective. Introducing an automation layer in these applications fixed all related challenges and streamlined customer record updates and reporting.

RPA Success by Numbers

  • 295 business processes automated
  • 20x Increased efficiency
  • 45,000 hours saved annually