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RPA helps significantly speed up COVID-19 test processing

by sol-admin

Maccabi Health, one of the four Health Maintenance Organizations currently active in Israel, had a specific problem that they needed a solution to. On Friday, March 20, in Israel, there was a change in the policy on how to conduct the COVID-19 tests. Maccabi Health needed to find the solution that they could get tests of their patients from all around the country from many other labs and Maccabi Health needed to take those results and to insert them into their systems in order to give their patients the information whether they have the corona or not.

Normally, it would take to the staff of Maccabi Health 1-2 months. But thanks to Kryon, they managed to make a change in a healthcare IT system and hook it up to their core system and they approached Kryon on Friday, March 20, and it was in full production by Monday, March 23. And what Kryon exactly did is they took a person from Germany, one of their professional services employees based in Germany, and dedicated him to this task. These days when companies had to experience dramatic cost reduction, they need to maintain the services while they had to figure out how to maintain their activities while their employees are at home. And Harel Tayeb, CEO at Kryon, said: “guys, stop, beside of the other activities we need to focus now on Maccabi’s situation because, eventually, it was going to save lives”.

If you want to see that conference call between Harel Tayeb (Kryon),  Jon Medved (OurCrowd) and Ofir Kadosh (Maccabi Health), where they had discussed the circumstances of that case, then follow this link.