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RPA Implementation at ADNIC (UAE)

by sol-admin

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company PSC (ADNIC) is an insurance company based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Once the company set a goal to enhance its IP ecosystem, they are continuously investing in new technologies like blockchain, Artificial intelligence, intelligent chatbots, and the like. That’s why the time for RPA investments has come as well.

With help of its automation partner, SquareOne Technologies, ADNIC defined three different processes to be automated – member edition, member deletion, and quote generation.

The addition and deletion of policyholders was a time-consuming process. Volume spikes of deletion are difficult to manage in summer because people take vacations. Hiring for a momentary spike in volume is not the smart thing to do. The system completely automates the requests without any delay. It used to take 2 to 4 hours. Now with the automation, ADNIC’s employees don’t need to sit for long hours because this process runs 24/7.

“When I look at the return on investment from RPA, financial gains with dollar impact, man-days saved, FTE optimization are key deciding factors. More importantly, we introduced the power of the digital workforce and we are now able to redeploy our employees to take on value-added decision-making roles. We are investing our resources in propagating the concept of the digital workforce and killing the myth that exists around it. Bots are argumentative in approach and not necessarily to replace people. We introduced a chatbot. Due to which we were able to free up 30% of our agent time. We have now redirected these agents to manage the business WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp, being an interactive and engaging medium becomes critical to customer experience. We are now successful in reengaging our customers through another channel for improved customer experience. People are more relieved and happier to only address exceptions now.”

Yousuf Amin, Executive Vice President of Operation at ADNIC