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RPA Implementation in SNCF Réseau (France)

by sol-admin

SNCF Réseau is a French state-owned company that operates the rail infrastructure of the French state railways SNCF and thus almost the entire French rail network.

Within the Accounting Shared Services Center department of SNCF Réseau, they were looking for solutions to speed up the digital transformation of the Accounts Payable process. For an accountant, entering completion rates was a waste of time. Automating this process appeared therefore obvious. So naturally, 1 year ago, they chose RPA. UiPath solution fully met these needs of the French company. The implementation of RPA on their tools has been quite exceptional because the setup and deployment took only 3 weeks.

One of the factors of successful implementation of RPA was the joint work between Business and IT Departments from the very beginning. RPA has brought tremendous benefits: suppression of typing errors, time saved by employees to do missions with higher added value and also sparked initiatives. People saw improvements in their daily working conditions and felt legitimate to propose new ideas. Time-saving and meaningfulness for accountants have been impressive.

In terms of ROI, SNCF Réseau saved several thousand hours. The purpose of automating receptions is not to substitute for current departments but to finally find a solution to reduce their delayed payments. The range of RPA possibilities is infinite. SNCF Réseau team works in real partnership to couple the solution with new technologies, and further increase their level of digitalization.

You also can watch this case study in French.