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RPA in the Philippines

by sol-admin

Recently, a Founder of RPA Philippines, Allan Tan shared his insights into the future of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the Philippines at ANC’s morning newscast Early Edition. Here are the key points that were said:

“The Philippines as you know is the number one BPO center in the world and we need to retain the competitiveness and that’s where automation comes in. That’s why three years ago we started building our own automation tool.”

“There is an Asian Institute of management, they came out with a report that said around 800 000 BPO workers could lose their jobs by 2024 because of automation.”

If we do not automate we’re going to lose these jobs anyway like other countries such as India and China. If we become the forefront in automation we will be able to retain this work and then we can upskill our people so that they can do other work.”

“The education system needs to be improved, to update the curriculum and probably come up with ways that they can easily adapt newer technology because the technology sector has been changing so fast but the school system remains [the same].”

It takes years to change the curriculum so by the time that the change has been approved the proposed curriculum has become obsolete.

“If you look at Japan and in the US, – they’re the forefront in terms of automation. What it is about in the Philippines, I’d say maybe only 10-15% would be familiar at this time.”

“If probably you have people watching what AI, what programming is in Youtube, they can probably do better programming than [those who have] a college degree but so far most of the employees we hire are still college graduates.”

You also can find more information by watching the full interview: