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RPA Journey of Digi (Malaysia)

by sol-admin

This RPA journey started when Digi needed to replace one of its IT legacy systems. During that time their digital experts  came to Jessica Chai, Head of IT Development & Operations and say:

“Jessica, why don’t we try RPA?”

And it was really amazing to see the result from 200 steps of activities that actually reduced down to only 5 steps. And based on that Jessica and her team really see that there is a huge benefit that they can gain from that RPA process.

Through Digi’s evaluation methodologies they decided to go with Automation Anywhere as an RPA partner because there are a few inherent capabilities that were important for Digi, such as the artificial intelligence that is backed end-to-end called IQ Bot as well as the ready to deploy bots that are found on the Bot Store. It’s been easy to use, great turn out by Digi’s teams and also the ability to scale at an enterprise level is something that they have seen and appreciate a lot.

As far as the teams are concerned in Automation Anywhere they’ve been supportive guiding the Digi’s staff throughout the RPA journey and the strategy to deploy automation. Through their solutions teams, their customer success managers and the engineering teams working with Digi trying to unlock new capabilities as and when Jessica’s team sees them in their product road map. Jessica also gave another example whereby they have some glitches in one of their IT platforms and this resulted in several thousands of requests pending in the systems and really to process them required to take 9 days. So with the RPA actually the team managed to reduce the processing time down to only 2 days. So it was really an amazing discovery from the team.

Jessica strongly believes that this shouldn’t stop within her organization and this should be shared among the organization within Digi because there are more people who should be able to benefit from there and innovation is one of the DNA for all the reasons. So what Digi’s staff has organized the Botathon event and to actually trigger different types of use cases from different areas within the organization such as HR, marketing as well as finance. The reason for this is they really want all teams, all departments to understand what RPA as technology is, the benefits that it could bring to their teams and how easy it is to automate as long as you know the right use case.

Definitely, Digi’s RPA journey will continue. So at this moment, they have already identified around 60 use cases that they would like to execute within a year and they believe this number would definitely grow and they will continue to explore more with RPA.

Watch the video version here.