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RPA LiveChat Solutions for Local Government Service

by sol-admin

Inform Communications was launched in 1991 by a team of developers and customer service professionals with a shared vision: to provide efficient, impactful digital transformation for local government customer service teams. The company is working with some of the largest councils in the UK, as well as numerous private sector businesses looking to streamline their customer service process.

One of the most popular solutions offered by Inform Communications is self-serve chatbots that can help you automate up to 90% of website inquiries and more than 50% of phone inquiries.

Here is a demo of local government service and at the same time, it’s a step for you to imagine how this can be applied to create bespoke chatbots for your organization. In this scenario, a user wants to report an issue. Let’s see what will happen next and then watch the same process on the admin side.