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Intelligent Automation Showcase is a series of interviews featuring the leading automation experts. Each interview is dedicated to a live demo, showing how a specific business challenge is addressed using cutting-edge technology.



Lorhan Caproni, Co-Founder at BotCity – Python RPA, explains why and how companies worldwide use Python for creating enterprise-level #RPA and intelligent process automation solutions. BotCity is a global Python RPA provider backed by Y Combinator and SoftBank Investment Advisers, widely adopted in 66 countries by companies such as LG Electronics and EY.

A live demonstration of the ElectroNeek automation platform. You will learn about:  
– Prepackaged automation recipes for an easy start
– Use of GPT-4 capabilities for document processing, chatbot, and code generation
– See an example of a bot sending an AI-generated invoice notification.

A live demonstration of how the Botminds AI platform:  
– Ingests and classifies documents in one place
– Captures document insights and makes them available through the #chatGPT-like interface
– Builds predictive intelligence
– Enables end-to-end automation, covering last-mile challenges.

Brad Cordova of Super.AI illustrates how to improve customer service and simultaneously increase operational productivity by unlocking insights from unstructured data through automated processing. In less than 15 minutes, you will learn how to uncover the business opportunities offered by unstructured data using a trainable AI platform designed for business users.




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