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Outstaffing program

RPA Master helps organizations adopt intelligent automation by educating, exciting, and supporting their leaders along the way. 


While a typical organization starts the automation journey with an implementation partner, after achieving the initial success it wants to expand its automation team and build its RPA center of excellence. Unfortunately, automation developers and process analysts are still a very scarce resource, and it is often challenging to find, attract and keep the right talent. That slows down the adoption and increases the cost of automation. 


Today we are introducing the RPA Master On-Demand – outstaffing program – the fastest way for you to get the right talent on your team. We leverage our partnerships and the existing network of RPA practitioners to enable resources for your automation program. Our experts will join your team and contribute to the projects under your leadership while using their existing experience and skills to ensure the success of the entire program.   


With the RPA Master On-demand program, an organization of any size and experience in automation can hire RPA professionals to accelerate its digital transformation.


  • Quality assurance. Only highly experienced RPA professionals.
  • Wide choice of specialists. We can satisfy almost any request.
  • Different models of cooperation. Short-term and long-term contracts.
  • No risk and no problem. We assume all responsibility - legal and reputational.

How does the hiring process work?

1. You contact the RPA Master team and provide the information about the project and the resources required: 

  • Use case/functionality
  • Automation platform/systems involved
  • The number of people required, their roles, and experience required
  • Type of engagement: project-based / ongoing

2. We review the information and clarify the details. After the project scope and the requirements are clear, within 1-2 weeks, we will offer you a choice of people for the interview.

3. Within 1-2 weeks, your team conducts interviews and makes the decision. .

4. You sign the outstaffing contract with SeM Consulting LLC (the owner of RPA Master portal, incorporated in California, USA) and statement of work (SOW), specifying: 

  • Project timing, scope, resources provided
  • Starting date, prerequisites, and onboarding process
  • Measurable success criteria, reporting, and payment terms
  • Termination process and other terms

5. By the agreed starting date

  • You complete the agreed prerequisite requirements (payments, access to internal systems, sharing resources, etc.) 
  • You set up an onboarding process and assign an experienced internal mentor for at least two weeks, helping the new team member to get up to speed.

6. For the first month, we do weekly status checks to ensure smooth onboarding. We expect the new team members to be fully onboarded and start contributing to the production process by the end of this period.


Retail / supply chain

Banking / financial services