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36% of companies train RPA developers out of computer science/software engineering graduates to address the shortage of experienced automation professionals.


While self-guided online training can create a solid foundation, many fresh RPA developers still require practical hands-on experience and guidance before they are ready to build their bots. We are here to help with the hands-on training for RPA developers.  

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RPA Master School offers hands-on training and guided support for RPA developers


Whether expanding an automation CoE or growing your RPA services team, we help train fresh hires to design and build robust production-ready automations. 

RPA Master School helps students to:

  • Build up practical skills. Our students learn by building bots, not by watching videos. We expect students to take recommended online prerequisite courses to understand the theory of automation before the course. The instructor focuses 100% on hands-on exercises, so students learn development tools, build confidence, and gain practical experience working with bots.   
  • Get certified and ready for work. Our training courses are aligned with vendor certification programs to prepare students for certification exams. However, this goal is still secondary. Our primary goal is to get RPA developers ready to implement production-quality automations and deliver value to their companies.   
  • Accelerate your progress. We want every student to become a successful RPA developer, and we support them after the training. A few days of training give the initial boost, then graduates continue learning independently while doing the work. To accelerate progress and help them along the way, we offer complimentary support – graduates may still contact the coach to ask questions, review bots, and receive advice on designing and implementing automations.


RPA Master school - RPA 101 course

RPA 101 for Beginners (UiPath)

RPA 101 (UiPath) course is a short – 1.5 hours introduction to the world of RPA. It is designed for everyone, including business or technical people interested in gaining hands-on practical experience with RPA. You will learn the basics of RPA, understand how it can transform your work, and build your first bots.


FREE virtual training: 1.5 hours / 1 day


UiPath RPA fundamentals training - RPA Master School

RPA Fundamentals for Citizen Developers (UiPath)

RPA Fundamentals (UiPath) course is ideal for training citizen developers or as the first step of RPA developers’ training. It teaches how to develop basic bots and deploy them in production. For example, you will be able to build automations to copy data from a website or Excel and paste it into an input form, CRM, or ERP system.


Virtual hands-on small group training: 16 hours / 2 days

Individual project work: 24 hours

Post training support: 3 months

Price: $2400


Prerequisite: complete UiPath Introduction to RPA and Automation training online (1 hour)

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UiPath Advanced RPA training - RPA Master School

Advanced RPA for Professional Developers (UiPath)

Advanced RPA (UiPath) course is recommended for professional RPA developers. You will obtain practical experience to design and implement enterprise-level automations using the advanced capabilities of the UiPath platform.


Virtual hands-on small group training: 32 hours / 4 days

Individual project work: 48 hours

Post-training support: 6 months

Price: $4800


Prerequisite: Complete UiPath RPA Developer Foundation learning plan online (38.5 hours) or complete RPA Master Fundamentals course

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Here's how it works

RPA Master School offers instructor-led virtual courses focused on practical skills of implementing automations.

To ensure quality education, we keep each group under 7 people.

After finishing the courses, students are ready to build bots and continue learning independently. To help graduates on their journey, we offer 3 months of complimentary support. If someone gets stuck with the project or needs advice, they can always contact their instructor and get professional help.

Sonny Meyer - RPA Master School

Sonny Meyer - About the Instructor

Sonny Meyer is a UiPath developer, architect, and trainer. He combines rare passions: coding and teaching.

While working at large international organizations in Denmark, like Novo Nordisk (40K+ employees pharmaceutical company), Sonny took various roles from RPA developer to lead architect automating over 20 highly complex processes across back-office, retail warehouse operations, pharma laboratory QA and others. 

At the same time, Sonny ran training for RPA citizen developers and new employees, helping hundreds of people begin their automation journey.

When he is not automating or teaching, Sonny likes to run, row, and kayak.