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RPA Master Stories – a collection of inspiring interviews with the leading experts in RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology and intelligent automation solutions launched by RPA Master.



Our guests share their automation experience, talk about the state-of-the-art RPA and AI technology, and discuss the future of automation. Join us to get inspired by the latest intelligent automation success stories and learn the art of possible – learn what you can do with intelligent automation.

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In this episode of RPA Master Stories Ahmed Zaidi, Chief Executive and Chief Automation Officer at Accelirate, shares intelligent automation case studies based on managed services model.

In this episode of RPA Master Stories  JIM WALKER, Advisor at Roboyo, shares intelligent automation case studies in the US government and public sector.

In this episode of RPA Master Stories with Murali Krishnan, CEO & Founder at Ennuviz, you will learn to combine process intelligence with automation and achieve tremendous transformative results.


In this episode of RPA Master Stories you will learn the benefits of RPA delivered as managed services. Mahesh Vinayagam, CEO of qBotica will share his insight and customer success stories.

In this episode of RPA Master Stories, Ozan Bilgen, the founder & CEO at Base64.ai, highlighted how AI-powered IDP technology available through cloud API enables automation solutions to classify and process documents faster and more efficiently.  


Learn the benefits and use cases for intelligent automation at the telecom provider with Luz A. Herrera, Innovation Leader at Telefonica, and a member of  Telco Intelligent Automation Council.


Learn the intelligent automation best practices from Cristina Duta – a highly successful automation CoE leader from AECOM.

In this episode of RPA Master Stories our guest Chris Etheredge, VP at Robocorp, shared an exciting automation case study of Emerson Electric. 

In this episode of RPA Master Stories we unwrap the layers behind the mystery of how to get your intelligent automation projects into your production environments faster.

In this episode of RPA Master Stories we talked about invoice processing – the #1 challenge in intelligent document processing. Over half of the documents to be processed automatically are invoices, no matter what industry you work in!


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How help businesses process unstructured data that comprises 80% of all corporate data? João Fernandes, CEO of DocDigitizer, shares fascinating examples of applying a combination of AI technology and human-in-the-loop …

RPA Master Stories live event with Michael Lim, Program Director at IBM Digital Business Automation. Michael shared two exciting use cases for Deloitte, described the …

The first live session of RPA Master Stories with Matt Hawkins, EVP at Boston Software Systems. Matt shared an exciting story about 30,000 automations in healthcare.