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RPA Moscow 2021

by sol-admin

RPA Moscow, a part of the Global RPA Conference Family, is a conference on RPA, Business Process Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence which will take place online April 13-15, 2021. The event guarantees a deep dive into the topics of architecture, design, management, and improvement of business processes from local and global experts. In the schedule you will find reports in at least 3 languages: English, Russian and Polish. Here is the digest of a few keynotes in English.

AI Solution vs Tech Solution: Avoiding Your First Mistakes in AI Procurement
by Cem Dilmegani, AIMultiple, Founder (Germany)

The session about the best AI procurement practices including:

• hire vs outsource vs build
• pre-trained vs configured
• evaluate as a software vs evaluate like an ML model
• data-driven evaluation

Automating Process Maps: Enter Data in Excel and Watch Visio Create the Diagram
by Scott A. Helmers, Partner, Harvard Computing Group (U.S.)

You will learn to:

• launch Data Visualizer in Visio to create a flowchart or swimlane diagram automatically
• sync changes from a diagram to data or data to a diagram
• create a Visio diagram in Excel without needing Visio

Why Automate Not Perfect Processes
by Eduard Shlepetskyy, Founder, Ective.eu (Slovakia)

There is a common understanding that before the process is to be automated, it should be optimized. The presentation brings practical reasons, arguments, and use cases why it makes sense to automate the process, even if it is not perfect.

For participation, you can contact the organizers via [email protected].