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RPA Success Story At R1 RCM

by sol-admin

R1 RCM is an American healthcare revenue cycle management company servicing hospitals, health systems, and physician groups across the United States. And, as you know, Healthcare is an industry that is ripe with manual repetitive processes.

In the particular case of R1 RCM, RPA allows them to build single automation that they can then deliver to many different clients, to fulfill those administrative processes better, cheaper, faster and ultimately help the broader healthcare industry deliver more care for less.

One of the processes that are common in healthcare is claims processing. Unfortunately, if a human user is in the process they have to do a lot of research, they have to look at the claims, they have to make sure the rules are all there. All of those steps being done manually by users took too much time and was potentially fraught with errors due to just human nature. So looking at robotic process automation through Automation Anywhere robots gave to R1 RCM the capability to not only reduce the cost but provide a better customer experience by repurposing these users to interact with patients and provide that empathetic approach to good customer service.

Today R1 RCM has over 200 digital workers automating, 15 million transactions on an annual basis that work 24/7 around-the-clock, don’t make mistakes and their partnership with Automation Anywhere has really allowed them to deliver that and continue to scale automation as they go to 200, 300, 400 digital workers over the next year or two.

You also can either find more information in the video story told by Sean Barrett and Steve McNamara, VP of Automation Engineering, at R1 or download this case study in PDF format.