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RPA Success Story at Wanhua Chemical Group

by sol-admin

Wanhua Chemical Group is the global leading supplier of innovative chemical products. The lines of polyurethane, petrochemical products, functional materials, and specialty chemicals produced and supplied by the company sell well at home and abroad. It has built up six key production complexes worldwide and has more than 70 subsidiaries. Wanhua introduced the SAP Intelligent RPA solution last year, which has spurred improvement of its financial operations across the board. As a result, the company reassigned 4,700 manual labor hours every year from its employees, allowing them to focus on high-value activities instead. Here is a digest of that automation journey presented by several participants.

“Originally, Wanhua had to download taxation data from other platforms for manual insertion into our SAP system, and we had to regularly export large amounts of data from our SAP system for business analysis. Such acquisition and repeated reporting of financial data is a boring and repetitive process, requiring many time-consuming and exhausting manual operations. It was inevitable that mistakes and errors would occur.”

Gary Luo, Duty Manager of Cost & Supply Chain Management in Group Financial Department, Wanhua Chemical Group

“Wanhua hoped to improve the efficiency of our financial operations team by a large margin, so with the support of Inno X Program of SAP Labs China, we quickly decided to adopt an upgrade plan that integrates SAP intelligent RPA with SAP financial management solutions.”

Dr. Liu Mingzhong, General Manager of IT Centre, Wanhua Chemical Group

Together with members of the SAP project team, we created and deployed four intelligent bots with ease within just two weeks. This means there are four virtual workers that can automatically and totally accurately perform previously time-consuming manual tasks. Our interactive experience has greatly improved, and financially talented workers have been freed from repetitive work. They can now focus more on creative, high value-added tasks such as analysis, insightful observation, business innovation, etc.”

Ke lin, Vice General Manager of IT Centre, Wanhua Chemical Group

SAP Intelligent RPA can recognize and process non-structured data such as images and electronic documents. In addition, it can interact with users through voice, and it can automatically process more operations than people sitting in front of traditional computer screens. SAP Intelligent RPA is highly integrated with SAP S/4HANA, with pre-configured bots that are ready for use out of the box. Users can also easily capture application programs, design workflows in a visual environment, modify code and debug, and define trigger mechanisms for bots to operate either supervised or unsupervised.”

Timothy Xue, Architect & Data Scientist, SAP China

“An important piece of SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Strategy, SAP Intelligent RPA provides an excellent solution for companies looking to “hire” digital workers. Its deployment at Wanhua is an important milestone for SAP Intelligent RPA.”

Rebecca Yang, Regional Lead, SAP Intelligent RPA of GC, SAP China

“We plan to strongly promote this technology among various subsidiaries of the Group and in different business areas. With SAP Intelligent RPA as a starting point, we can better promote our corporate digital transformation, reducing costs and improving staff efficiency. In the future, we hope to continue to cooperate with SAP in other areas of intelligent enterprise and jointly create a broader space for development.”

Dr. Liu Mingzhong, General Manager of IT Centre, Wanhua Chemical Group