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RPA Supervisor, the Pioneer of Intelligent Automation Management, Has Raised $20M Series A Round

by Ant Sh
Intelligent Automation Management

Founded in 2018, RPA Supervisor has a mission to reduce the operational challenges plaguing RPA. The startup today announced that it raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Dawn Capital with participation from S16vc and existing investor MMC Ventures. This latest investment – coming just nine months after RPA Supervisor’s initial Seed round – will fuel the firm’s expansion in the US market and the development of new platform capabilities.

RPA Supervisor is designed to orchestrate existing automation and RPA products, adding monitoring and queuing capabilities on top of such platforms as Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, UiPath, Blue Prism and soon Automation Anywhere. Using RPA Supervisor, a customer can enter their business requirements for each automation process to have RPA Supervisor’s engine prioritize which RPA worker should work on which process. The platform adjusts capacity as needed, starting and stopping processes automatically to maximize cloud or local compute resources usage.

RPA Supervisor also attempts to fix problems in RPA systems when they crop up. The startup’s CTO, Tobias Gundhus, claims that their exception and event-handling system can repair 90% of RPA breakage, and in cases where it can’t, RPA Supervisor sends an alert to the appropriate IT team.

“The need for automation has been driven forward by the pandemic, and as businesses come to rely on this type of technology, they’ve also begun to see the need for a centralized management platform. Our platform offers an effective solution to reduce the total cost of ownership of an automation program, thus making it very appealing in times of economic uncertainty when enterprises are asked to do more with less.”

Tobias Gundhus, CTO, RPA Supervisor

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