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RPA technology at Core Digital Media

by sol-admin

Here is a digest of how Core Digital Media, one of the leaders in online marketing, experienced its RPA Journey.

Extracting lead gen data from 50 different online publishers in various formats was done manually—a process that took at least 6 hours for one person to complete on a daily basis.

Using the latest RPA technology from Automation Anywhere, Core Digital has automated data extraction for 29 of its publishers in a matter of months.

The company saves nearly 300 man-hours per month, which in turn saves about $150,000. As a direct result of this, Core Digital is able to focus more of its time and resources on client success, launching 3,000 additional ads for one key publisher in a single month.

“We were able to launch 3,000 additional ads for one publisher in a single month, all because we had the time and the resources to focus our energy on more strategic projects.”
Sujay Kar, Director of Business Intelligence, Core Digital Media

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