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RPA Transformation of CPFL Energia (Brazil)

by sol-admin

CPFL Energia is the third biggest Brazilian electric utility company. Because CPFL continuously strives to do more with less, they couldn’t but leverage RPA in their strategy. In particular, the company wanted to accelerate HR, Finance, IT, and supply chain processes. What did they do to reach those goals? Take a look at some examples:

In the Supply Chain department, automation was used for the creation of contractual documents and the registration of scrap and retired operational equipment.

To support the HR department, bots were used to schedule employee holiday requests, as well as calculating payroll for employees on vacation. They were used to automate the consolidation of taxes paid to the employees of service companies, thus avoiding labor lawsuits.

In the Finance department, bots create, file, approve, and send purchase orders to suppliers. They check the status of the order and pass the information back to the appropriate human if necessary.

As a result of RPA deployment after analyzing about 124 business processes, CPFL got these benefits:

  • 50hrs Saved everyday
  • 156k Automated transactions/year
  • 45 Processes automated in one year

The more detailed report is placed here.