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RPA Usage by LTCG

by sol-admin

LTCG is the largest third-party administrator for long-term care insurance. They initially looked at using RPA in long-term care because a lot of their work was manual, a lot of it was people-driven, hand-written notes, faxes, things like that. And Long-Term Care Group needed to find a software suite that could work in helping them process those kinds of requests. 

LTCG faces a lot of challenges in that they have proprietary software that works for all insurers that they have as clients. So when they investigated using RPA, they looked at several vendors and Kryon stood out to them. 

Before Kryon, the staff actually had to manually create those kinds of letters and requests for every client individually. Now they use robotics to create that automatically for everyone every month. Today LTCG has over 3000 run jobs every month. They’re running multiple times a day giving people direct information who processing in close to real time.

Some of those jobs would have taken 2 or 3 days to come back to give an answer. Kryon’s process discovery tool has been a huge initiative at Long-Term Care Group. They’ve in the last two months had almost a million recorded screenshots. They have over 80 discovered processes and they’ve actually pulled out around 7 or 8 of them to start really building on the next phases of the RPA solution. 

The LTCG team is really proud of the fact that using Kryon’s full automation suite from process discovery all the way to deployment has been a business-driven initiative. They’ve been able to take this up to 5000 tasks in a month that they get requested or run. That’s truly something great that they’ve been able to successfully do it. Long-Term Care Group is going to continue using full-cycle automation both in the discovery sense and in the RPA  building sense. 

LTCG and Kryon have been able to see the relationship as a partnership. The company is finding solutions for things that they wouldn’t have been able to identify on their own. So, the LTCG team is really excited about using Kryon’s full automation suite.

Watch the full speech by Justin Kruse, LTCG RPA lead.