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Samsung SDS’ Video Analytics

by sol-admin

Video Analytics Solution of Samsung SDS began from curiosity about how they could efficiently produce value from the video data created from CCTVs or cameras everywhere for customers.

Recently, rather than a surveillance or safety perspective, there are demands for VA from a variety of customers such as retails or transportation industries. Samsung SDS Video Analytics uses footage collected from CCTVs for object and face recognition, which enables real-time monitoring, detecting various events.

Especially, Complex Event Processing allows detection in accordance with customers’ job characteristics with various events modeling. This can be utilized to predict the risks of various kinds by applying varieties of intelligent algorithms such as machine learning.

Video Analytics has been utilized in many different areas:

It automatically detects a customer who is in a dangerous situation at a shopping mall, triggering an alarm for immediate response. For a workplace using employee cards to enter, the face recognition feature of Video Analytics prevents unauthorized access through multi-factor authentication. Also, using analytics information such as customer share or gender of those coming to shops helps increase sales.