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Samsung SDS is a systems development company established in 1985 as a subsidiary of Samsung Group, mainly responsible for systems operations for group companies. SDS is also active in researching and developing emerging IT technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of things (IoT), and engineering outsourcing. In 2017, Samsung SDS released its enterprise AI software Britney RPA, thus entering the RPA Market.



Sung-woo Hwang
President and CEO


125, Olympic-ro 35-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea 05510
Samsung SDS was founded in 1985



Brity RPA

Brity RPA is a conversational intelligent business automation tool that uses AI technologies such as chatbot, Optical character recognition (OCR), and machine learning to increase work productivity. The company is developing functions such as automatic recommendation of work processes based on analysis of user logs and developing tools in the direction of hyper-automation integrated with process mining and self-learning bots.

Brity Assistant

Brity Assistant is a solution for implementing AI chatbots. By learning expert knowledge and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), chatbots provide optimal answers to your questions and carry out tasks according to your commands. Brity Assistant is specialized in enterprise business processes, so you can easily create a digital workforce.

Brity Messenger

Brity Messenger provides various differentiated features, such as screen sharing and secret chat and the real-time chat feature, which allows you to instantly communicate with your team members anytime, anywhere.


Samsung SDS offers different solutions for your business:

Solutions by industry: Banking & Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Logistics & Transportation
Solutions by function: Sales, Supply chain, Data Analytics, Finance
Solutions by technology: RPA
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Enterprised Mobility, Advanced Analytics, Retail Experience, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, Smart Manufacturing, Healthcare, Mobile Security, ITO Service, ICT Infrastructure, Logistics BPO & Solutions, Blockchain, Analytics, A.I., and Artificial intelligence.


  • The company was founded on May 1, 1985, as Samsung Data Systems and was renamed Samsung SDS in 1997.
  • It began to expand overseas in 1997 with the establishment of Samsung SDS America, followed by Samsung SDS China in 1999.
  • Samsung SDS Europe was established in 2000.
  • The company got listed on the Stock Market of the Korea Exchange in 2014.
  • Samsung SDS launched its AI-based intelligent factory system, Nexplant, in 2016.
  • The company released its enterprise AI software Brity in 2017 and changed its name to Brity RPA.
  • In 2018, Samsung SDS was ranked on Forbes Top 100 Digital Companies and launched a blockchain-based finance platform, Nexfinance.
  • The company announced in November 2019 that it had signed a strategic partnership with exhibition organizer Fiera Milano to use Samsung SDS digital technology in trade fairs and exhibitions in Europe.
  • In 2020, Samsung SDS was positioned in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as one of the Niche players.