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Schlumberger’s Automation Journey Story

by sol-admin

Schlumberger is a leader among oil and gas services companies. It was founded in 1927 by Marcel and Conrad Schlumberger, that’s how the name of the company comes from. The company is headquartered in Houston. What its employees do is basically pump out oil either from the land or from the sea which is called offshore. Schlumberger has 82 000 people across 140 countries with 170 nationalities, close to 33 billion revenue, it’s a little older revenue around 2019. Things have changed dramatically in 2020,  but it’s a massive spread across 140 countries and reaching out to the various businesses to showcase how they can transform their processes and workflow which is amazing.  

Here is a story of Schlumberger’s three-year automation journey told by Sudeep Srivastava, Head of Robotic & Intelligent Automation.

2:04 Beginning
5:36 Focusing on creating the value
8:27 Hackathon 2020 in Schlumberger
12:48 Enablers to scale
15:37 Automation initiatives in 2021 and next years