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Automating HR processes for 20,000 security guards at Securitas Turkey with Robusta RPA

by Sem Sergunin
Securitas - HR automation with Robusta RPA at RPA Master

Securitas, a world leader in security services, used Robusta RPA to automate the hiring process for its 20,000 guards in Turkey with zero errors and 6100 hours of work or 30 FTEs saved per year.

Business Challenge

Securitas is a world leader in security services, monitoring, consulting, and investigation. Its subsidiary – Securitas Turkey employs over 20,000 security guards

With the recent order, The Police Department of Turkey required every private security company to disclose the facts of the hiring, change of the position, or termination of every employee. Securitas Turkey has to report the updates in real-time using the Private Security Information Automation System called OGNET. In any case of misinformation or insufficient disclosure of the information, the company receives serious fines and penalties. 

With over 20.000 security guards on staff processing these requests, cross-checking hiring information and sending it to OGNET requires a huge manual effort. That’s the reason why the company needed an automated solution.

Search for a Solution

Following the deep research on automation solutions, Securitas Turkey realized that RPA is the only possible solution. The OGNET system forces them to submit all the information through the user interface (UI), there is no Web service or an API available. That is why the automation team decided to go with RPA. 

Why Robusta RPA?

After making the decision on RPA as a technology, the company looked for alternative solution providers in Turkey. The most important selection criteria in this process were that the technology provider needs to have a local presence in Turkey and be able to expand and support the solution globally. Robusta RPA was identified as the best solution to satisfy these criteria.


The HR procedures of hiring and managing guards’ employment are mission-critical processes for Securitas Turkey. It was crucial to ensure that the RPA solution is reliable, resilient, and avoids errors. Again, any misreported information would have resulted in significant penalties from the Turkish Police and that might ruin the entire automation initiative. Robusta RPA solution has proven its exceptional accuracy and was successfully implemented in production.  

Another critical aspect of the implementation was the process analysis. Robusta’s team made a detailed analysis and found out that there are sub-processes and many exceptions to the happy path. The timely and proper analysis helped to identify variations and optimize the process before the actual automation, which resulted in fast and quality RPA deployment


To understand the impact of automation, here are the key numbers. In one year in Securitas Turkey: 

  • 12.2K guards were onboarded
  • 10.3K guards were offboarded
  • 23.3K guards were transferred 

A total of 45.8K changes were automatically processed and reported to the OGNET system, which saved 6,100 working hours or 30 FTE!  

The implementation of Robusta RPA allowed Securitas Turkey to stay fully compliant with new Police requirements with zero processing errors while saving the work of 30 employees, which would have been required to support the new regulation.  

To learn about Robusta RPA and how it can help you ease your routine tasks and grow your business with digital workers – schedule a demo with the Robusta team.