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Ser Educacional’s Digital Transformation

by sol-admin

Learn how Ser Educacional experienced rapid productivity gains with Blue Prism RPA.

Ser Educacional is one of Brazil’s largest providers of university extension and continuing higher education. With more than 1,500 courses in its portfolio, offered at more than 60 campuses and via online courses, Ser Educacional is present in each of the states in Brazil.


“Seeking more competitive differentiators, we decided to change to improve. We realized that we needed to look inside our company, review our processes, and identify our strengths so we could act with a focus on the future. This review identified important opportunities within the business and led us to pursue the automation of our processes.”

JÂNYO DINIZS, CEO, Ser Educacional

One of the first processes automated by the Blue Prism Digital Workforce was in the billing area. Each month, bills must be generated and sent to each of the 200,000 students. Prior to implementing their Digital Workforce, the process took 24 professionals 10 days to generate all of the bills. Once Blue Prism’s Digital Worker, named “Sofia” internally, was brought on board, the process was completed in only 9 hours. Exception levels have decreased from 15% to 2.8%

Main Results

  1. Digital Workers increased the number of hours worked each day, from 8 hours each day to 24 hours.
  2. User experience improved, with a substantial decrease in response time to requests.
  3. No additional staff added despite increased demand for services.
  4. Allowed for more consistent delivery, identification, and tracking of exception cases more quickly and assertively.

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