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ServiceNow Brings Generative AI Into Its Now Platform

by Ant Sh
ServiceNow Brings Generative AI Into Its Now Platform

Enterprise automation company ServiceNow has launched the latest version of its low-code platform: Now Platform Vancouver.

Available starting this week, the release brings generative AI smarts aimed at enhancing productivity across workflows, such as customer service, as well as automation tools for strengthening security and governance. It also adds comprehensive solutions for automating mission-critical processes across healthcare, finance, and talent transformation.

“As we integrate generative AI across our workflows, we’re simultaneously expanding our platform capabilities with the Vancouver release to give our customers exactly what they need at this moment — new solutions that help protect their business, lower operating costs, and scale automation for end-to-end digital transformation.”

CJ Desai, President & COO, ServiceNow

While ServiceNow started working on LLM capabilities years ago when it acquired Element AI, the company’s first generative AI move took shape in May 2023 when it announced Now Assist for Search, a platform offering that provided natural language responses based on a customer’s own knowledge base. It was backed by ServiceNow’s Generative AI Controller, which allowed organizations to connect their instances to both Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and OpenAI API LLMs and featured built‑in actions for faster intelligent workflow automation.

Now, with the Vancouver release, the company is expanding the Now Assist family of solutions to ITSM (IT service management), CSM (customer service management), HRSD (human resource service delivery), and Creator.

According to ServiceNow, Now Assist for ITSM and CSM provides users with summaries of incident history, cases and chats, allowing them to resolve issues faster without going back and forth on what’s happened. The features come embedded in the workflow of the platform as well as in a dedicated ‘Now Assist’ pane which can be used from within a specific case or on the dashboard to extract summaries for specific cases, complete with issue details, actions taken and resolution notes, to resolve them.

The HRSD-centric offering taps generative AI and automation to handle previously manual HR functions like providing employees information about their leaves, payroll discrepancies or paperwork changes without needing to sift through loads of documents or previous chats. And, finally, the Creator-focused capability brings text-to-code, allowing users to convert natural language text into Javascript code suggestions (or complete code in some cases) to accelerate development on the Now Platform.

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