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ServiceNow buys Intellibot

by sol-admin

This Tuesday, the cloud automation company ServiceNow announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Intellibot, an RPA company based in Hyderabad, India. The companies expect to close the deal no later than June.

ServiceNow’s plan is to build Intellibot’s capabilities natively into the Now Platform extending the system’s core digital workflow capabilities by making it potential for purchasers to extra simply automate repetitive duties inside end-to-end enterprise processes.

The acquisition of Intellibot is ServiceNow’s fifth over the last year and a half, following those of Element AI Inc., Loom Systems Ltd., Passage AI Inc., and Sweagle NV. The company said that it’s aiming to create a comprehensive toolbox for enterprises to enable their digital transformation initiatives.

Intellibot was founded in 2015 and will provide the added bonus of giving ServiceNow a stronger foothold in India. ServiceNow said it’s planning to build two new data center facilities in India by this time next year, and will also double its staff in the country over the next three years.

“ServiceNow is the platform of platforms for the workflow revolution, offering powerful end-to-end automation capabilities that allow customers to streamline business decisions and unlock new levels of productivity. Our customers represent nearly 80% of the Fortune 500, and the vast majority are trying to drive automation across a mix of legacy and modern applications. With Intellibot, we will extend ServiceNow’s ability to help customers connect systems so they can easily automate workflows and drive productivity.”

Josh Kahn, SVP of Creator Workflow Products, ServiceNow