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ServiceNow RPA Hub for Invoice Creation

by Ant Sh
ServiceNow RPA Hub for Invoice Creation

ServiceNow® RPA Hub is a web-based platform which is intended to orchestrate ServiceNow robots executing business processes. Business users can apply RPA Hub to manage attended and unattended automation in their enterprise. With RPA Hub working as a digital workforce manager, governing, managing, and supervising the robots get simpler because it’s possible to do it from a centralized place. By using multi-tenancy, users can create logical partitions to effectively manage their bots for different customers (internal or external) from a single instance. Each logical instance has its own access control list (ACL), robots, licenses, and execution logs. Watch this video to see a demo of Automation Engine (RPA Hub) capabilities of ServiceNow to create UI Automation for Legacy Applications/ Processes.

00:09 RPA Demo for Invoice extraction starts
00:32 Manual Invoice Creation Process
01:53 Excel sheet used for Data Entry
04:00 Walkthrough of the Bot Process
06:03 Bot Automation Process Begins
07:50 End goal of the Automation
08:09 Bot Process completes
08:16 Bot created a Zip file locally
08:32 Email Received
09:23 Conclusion