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Servicetrace as an RPA Visionary

by sol-admin

As you know, Gartner recently composed 2020 RPA Magic Quadrant – 16 RPA vendors distributed in 4 groups: Leaders, Challengers, Niche Players, and Visionaries. Let us introduce to you one of those – Servicetrace GmbH considered as a visionary.

Servicetrace has been developing innovative Robotic Solutions for 15 years – entirely “made in Germany”. Their patented technology and forward-thinking solutions are trusted by global players across industries, including many of the 2,000 largest companies in Europe. As early as 2004, they were among the first to start developing software robots and automation solutions.

Servicetrace developed the RPA platform XceleratorOne (X1) with the goal of guaranteeing the success of customers’ automation. The company claims that X1 is the most comprehensive RPA platform on the market that lets you plan, implement, operate, and scale RPA – while controlling it centrally.

You can see Servicetrace’s video presentation or proceed to its website to learn more about the vendor.