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Siemens Masters Intelligent Automation with RPA + NLP

by sol-admin

Company: Siemens AG is a global technology company with 379,000 employees (2018), leading innovation for over 170 years. 

Task: Automating an entire business processes chain, including steps containing unstructured data.

Solution: IBM Watson for natural language processing (NLP), Google Cloud for language translation, Microsoft chatbot technology, Blue Prism robotic process automation (RPA) 

Siemens’ Digital Workforce offers five cognitive skills:

  • Execution of rule based, repetitive tasks (RPA)
  • Input gathering, validation and routing (RPA, chatbot)
  • Input classification and interpretation (NLP, translation)
  • Stakeholder communication and orchestration (chatbot, translation)
  • Analyzing and predicting insights from data (AI)

Results: 220 processes automated, 360,000 hours saved in a year. 

Watch video to learn more.