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Singapore Findings 2020

by sol-admin

Blue Prism recently released Singapore findings from its annual survey report titled “The Impact of a Digital Workforce on Business Agility and Survival”.

The regional report reveals that while business leaders in Singapore understand the importance and benefits of adopting robotic process automation (RPA) to thrive in the current tumultuous environment, more can be done to communicate RPA strategies to employees and help them understand how this will improve their work lives. It also found that most business leaders struggle when looking to scale RPA-enabled digital workforce programs throughout the organization to achieve greater ROI.

Let’s look at the main numbers:

78 % of local business leaders in Singapore believe that their employees would trust working alongside a digital workforce.

73% of local business leaders believe that their employees appreciate the opportunities that RPA and/or automation will provide.

44 % of local knowledge workers indicated that they worry about related job losses in the next three years, despite becoming more comfortable with RPA.

The Singapore findings are based on research conducted with 355 local knowledge workers and senior IT business leaders. These findings of the annual global survey can be downloaded by completing the form on this page.