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Smart RPA for Insurance

by sol-admin

A leading auto insurance provider in the UK with limited agents was struggling to manage thousands of customer complaints and requests every day. A customer agent typically had to inefficiently navigate and toggle between various systems leading to inefficient service and poor customer experience. Firstsource analyzed the reasons for contact in their past transactions and identified the most common scenarios. For each one, a standard process was created for how to work through each transaction or query according to business rules. Smart automation using robotic process automation performed several steps automatically. And for manual steps, a snap-on agent information assistance widget provided clear step-by-step instructions dynamically monitoring the context and guiding the employee through the engagement. Built-in rules ensured process adherence and compliance.

The result was a comprehensive front-office solution which led to consistent agent behavior and faster turnaround times. This brought several benefits including improved customer experience, reduced complaints, lower new hire training costs and higher compliance.

This is one of the many success stories. Integrated process automation is the proven way to unlock value for any business in any sector.

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