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SoftwareReviews’ RPA Data Quadrant Report

by sol-admin

SoftwareReviews was created at Info-Tech Research Group, a world-class IT research and consulting firm that started in 1997. Their comprehensive software reviews provide the most accurate and detailed view of a complicated and ever-changing market. And the data they process comes from real end-users who use the software day in and day out and IT professionals who have worked with it intimately through procurement, implementation, and maintenance. Here is the RPA Data Quadrant report from SoftwareReviews providing the evaluation of RPA software.

Key points from the report are the following:

  • UiPath RPA Platform, JIFFY.ai, and Automation Anywhere are the highest-rated RPA software.
  • UiPath RPA Platform is the most likely to be recommended by a wide margin, has the most valued product features and vendor capabilities.
  • When asked if their RPA systems help them save time or not, users gave the category an aggregate Net Emotional Footprint score of 90%. Automation Anywhere and JIFFY.ai are leaders at helping their users save time.