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Some Advice for RPA Students

by sol-admin

As RPA becomes more and more commonplace in the modern organization, RPA skills are increasingly in-demand and can help you stand out in an increasingly crowded workforce. Learn some advice given by two RPA experts on how to make the most of your RPA education and skills.

“If you’re a technology professional, If you already understand coding, then my recommendation would be to learn robotic process automation from the perspective of how you can enable many other people with the bots that you build and the packages that you build so they can be more proficient. If you’re someone who doesn’t understand coding, don’t worry. RPA is very much for you. In fact, it’s a great way for you to create some automations. We pride ourselves that we can teach anybody within one hour to build their first bot successfully. In fact, we do it in probably 40 minutes or so. So you can build your bots and it’s a great opportunity for you to build a few bots, learn how that process works, and actually use it within your environment to be successful and much more efficient. So my advice for you is to jump in with both feet.”

Rajesh Radhakrishnan, Executive VP Digital Workforce Solutions, Automation Anywhere

“So my advice to all the students worldwide is that obviously depending on the career, your know your priorities, but RPA is a very interesting market because, at least from an Automation Anywhere platform’s point of view, you get to learn a very mature technology, a very popular technology that a lot of customers are seeking help on. But what that does it’s just a foundation. On top of it, you can build a lot of other knowledge on AI, machine learning, and many other automation technologies that you can bring together under the Automation Anywhere umbrella. So once you learn via our Automation Anywhere University, you can learn a lot about how the Automation Anywhere platform works and how you can integrate with other technologies. It’s all available on our website. I highly encourage students worldwide to learn the platform, download the community edition, it’s free so you can play around with it. And it increases your career prospect, job prospects tremendously because this is a very bright market for all the students. All the companies that I know, all the fortune companies, all the companies that I knew while I was growing up, big companies that you admire and you look up to, they’re all using Automation Anywhere or RPA technologies. So, it’s that important, that critical. And so if you know that technology well, you will be able to create a level of impact for these organizations.”

Rushabh Parmani, Executive VP Customer Sucess & Operations, Automation Anywhere