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Promote Your Automation Expertise with RPA Master

by Sem Sergunin

Automation leaders are looking for help

In 2020-2022 Gartner recognized automation among the Top 10 technology trends. By 2022 most corporations have launched their automation programs, built dedicated automation teams, and achieved initial success. Now automation leaders are exploring opportunities to expand automation programs, include new processes, leverage advanced technology and AI/ML solutions. 

Why RPA Master?

RPA Master is the largest independent community of intelligent automation professionals. We grow 10% a month (web + LinkedIn), and our current 30,000+ members include automation practitioners, business and IT leaders looking for ways to expand their corporate automation programs. Our goal is to educate, inspire and support automation leaders on their transformational journey.

How RPA Master can help you?

We partner with automation experts, technology vendors, and solution providers to feature their automation success stories and product information that help our audience answer two fundamental questions:

  • What processes to automate?
  • What technology & methodology to use for automation?

Automation Technology Vendors

We invite innovative Intelligent Automation vendors, including RPA, BPM, iPaaS, IDP, Process Intelligence, Analytics, Decision Modeling, and Conversational AI, to educate our community about your technology

Expand awareness of your brand and generate demand for your products with RPA Master programs featuring:


Service & Solution Providers

We invite leading service providers to promote your unique expertise. Our audience can rely on your support if you have successfully implemented automation projects across industries and corporate functions.

Strengthen your leadership position by sharing your experience, including:


Automation Experts & Thought Leaders

We invite automation experts and thought leaders to join us on a mission to educate, inspire and support industry leaders implementing automation. We are excited to share your expertise, feature content, and even create a custom program to extend your reach and visibility. 

Here are a few ideas:

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