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SS&C Blue Prism’s e-Book: RPA Trends and Predictions 2023

by Ant Sh
SS&C Blue Prism's e-Book: RPA Trends and Predictions 2023

Intelligent automation is the key to successful digital transformation. A strategic approach to IA brings much more than the cost savings and efficiency that come from automating routine tasks. It delivers great customer experiences and empowers employees.

Through the power of IA, the stage is set for you to change the way people work for the better. Globally, the challenge of an economic downturn will call for a top-down reimagining of how work is done. Intelligent Automation, combining multiple technologies including business process management (BPM), robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) will streamline and scale process automation and decision-making.

As one of the leaders in RPA and IA, SS&C Blue Prism gathered data from customers and analysts and asked thought leaders from across SS&C Blue Prism where they see automation heading in 2023. The result is seven predictions for IA that are designed to help you decide where to focus your automation efforts to deliver transformational value.

Inside this e-Book, you’ll get:

— 7 predictions for RPA and intelligent automation work trends in 2023
— Unique insights from thought leaders and analysts on the future of work
— Practical advice for your upcoming automation projects
— Latest guidance on delivering more value from your automation platform

To download the e-Book, visit here.