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SS&C Rolls Out Unified SS&C Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform

by Ant Sh
SS&C Rolls Out Unified SS&C Blue Prism Intelligent Automation Platform

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. has recently announced the rollout of its intelligent automation portfolio under the SS&C Blue Prism brand. It combines RPA, BPM and low and no-code capabilities to provide a comprehensive menu of Intelligent Automation services.

Supported by technologies such as Process Intelligence, AI/ML, and Intelligent Document Processing, the portfolio enables businesses to unify the workforce, transform customer, employee, and user journeys and scale enterprise-wide.

SS&C Blue Prism’s recent integrations and developments include:

SS&C | Blue Prism® Intelligent Automation Platform – Blue Prism’s enterprise platform integrates with Chorus BPM, now branded SS&C Blue Prism® Chorus, enabling simplified workflow management and greater visibility and control.

SS&C | Blue Prism® UX Builder – the new intuitive no-code development capability enables business users to rapidly build enterprise applications and automate processes without relying on developers. Simple drag-and-drop functionality allows users to choose app elements from SS&C Blue Prism’s robust menu assets, supported by built-in governance and security controls.

In addition, SS&C Blue Prism will release several key product enhancements and delivery options in the coming months, with more information being released to customers attending the SS&C Deliver conference.

SS&C Blue Prism® Capture includes process definition, optimization, and solution design, helping organizations unify their workforces and transform their journeys.

SS&C Blue Prism® Director, a new workforce coordination capability that organizes work items by business priority and SLA, scaling IA by ensuring the most important items are completed first.

SS&C Blue Prism® Email AI will transform journeys by providing significant time savings through extracting and classifying information from emails.

SS&C Blue Prism® Cloud will now also be available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and can be purchased on AWS Marketplace, enabling organizations to adopt and scale IA in the cloud with a fully managed and hosted solution.

“We are proud of the progress we’ve made in the seven months since SS&C closed on the Blue Prism acquisition, delivering a comprehensive IA solution with BPM, RPA, no code and AI capabilities. The flexibility of our model ensures we can tailor versatile, scalable solutions to our client’s businesses. Our deep expertise and industry experience ensures we can support our clients’ accelerated business growth.”

Bill Stone, Chairman and CEO, SS&C Technologies