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State of the Automation Professional (2023)

by Ant Sh
State of the Automation Professional (2023)

As UiPath has recently shared its State of the Automation Professional report 2023, let’s try to highlight the most interesting findings in it.

To recap, this is UiPath’s 4th annual community industry report which, in the past, was called “The State of the RPA Developer.” But this year, the vendor expanded the audience to include anyone who works in software automation. So, the title was changed to “State of the Automation Professional.” Overall, 1,639 automation professionals and students were surveyed, 43% of them are RPA developers.

So, what interesting things we saw in the report:

— 68% of respondents report their company has increased the number of people working in software
automation in the past 12 months. Only 4% of respondents reported being unemployed, down from 9% in 2022.

— 63% of the automation developers who responded have at least three years’ of experience, compared to 52% in 2022. Organizations are moving from automating legacy processes and are starting to automate processes using AI-based tools.

— This year, 47% report their organization has used RPA for 5+ years, compared to 30% last year. Only 8% said their company has been using RPA less than a year.

— 47% of automation professionals are likely to recommend RPA development as a career.

— 69% of respondents consider themselves to be at an expert level or beyond with software automation development.

— Compared to last year, more developers report they know SQL (70%), Python (53%) and VB/VBA (53%) in addition to RPA.

— 73% of automation developers influence their leadership in choosing the technologies they use, but only 34% of them have a great deal of influence.

— 95% of automation professionals believe AI will be important for their career.

To learn all the findings from the report, download it here.