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Success story: RPA Automation in Quess Corp (India)

by sol-admin

Quess Corp is a leading global player in the workforce management industry with headquarters based in Bangalore. The main solutions of the company are general staffing, executive hiring, skilling & learning. Because Quess Corp has about 300,000 employees been placed, it extremely needs to focus on the high-productive workforce management including timesheets and HR related activities for doing an accurate payroll.

There were lots of manual activities that happened to support these at the backend. Most cases were repetitive. Which is why Quess Corp used RPA to get more benefits. One of the processes taking a lot of time was an invoice upload. It took up to 35 days to upload the invoices to the client’s portal. RPA reduced this time to 5 days, which helped the revenue realization.

Why UiPath was chosen as a contractor for RPA implementation in Quess Corp and what the ROI was expected, find out in this video.