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Successful RPA in Telecom Business

by sol-admin

Telecom Business innovate ways for people to be connected. RPA helps them save time, resources, and drive results so they can focus on their business.

The telecom customers of Automation Anywhere are achieving phenomenal results:

  • 50% savings (both time and cost)
  • 100% reduction in errors
  • 1000s of bots deployed
  • RPA deployed in weeks not in months

RPA is deployed in 80% of the world’s top telecommunications companies. For instance, Rogers Communication improved the call center experience with RPA and got 235,000$ savings on one process alone and 75% reduction in work hours as well. Another case in point, Tech Mahindra optimized ordering process for a wireless telecom provider which brought 200% reduction in work hours and 65% improvement in handling time, and also, zero-touch order entry with 100% accuracy was achieved.

So, RPA and AI-powered automation help improve:

– customer onboarding
– new subscriptions
– network management
– call center experience
– compliance and security
– data management and analysis

“We use Automation Anywhere to operate faster and at a lower cost point while enhancing the customer experience.”
Head of Robotics, Large Wireless Telecom Operator

Watch this in video format here.