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Successful Usage of RPA at WorldHotels

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Learn how Blue Prism software automates key customer-facing processes for WorldHotels.

WorldHotels is an exclusive collection of the world’s most unique independent hotels and it now has almost 500 affiliate properties in more than 250 destinations and 65 countries worldwide.

At the core of WorldHotel’s offerings is the provision of a suite of online services that support their member hotels to maximize their performance. With the advent of the Internet whilst the opportunities for hotels to broadcast their services have increased so has the complexity of managing the many distribution channels and associated rates.

“Prior to implementing Blue Prism, we checked all the information on our system manually. It would take approximately 45 minutes per hotel, or up to a month to check the information for all hotels”

Conny Fuchs, Manager Global Revenue and distribution, WorldHotels

The Blue Prism system has been set up to automatically audit hotels and send reports to the hotel and the WorldHotel’s account manager as an email attachment. If an audit reveals a problem both, the hotel and the WorldHotels account manager, have a copy to discuss the setup and changes in detail. The rolling audit schedule is set up by Blue Prism to ensure all the hotels are audited over a 28 day period.

Using Blue Prism gives WorldHotels a great deal of control and flexibility in that they can easily adjust the audit schedule, add new hotels and remove hotels that are no longer part of the community. Hotel contact details are also extracted from their systems, so if the target emails change Blue Prism will pick up the update. As a result of RPA implementation, WorldHotels gained the following:

• Significant reduction in process operating costs
• No changes or operational impact on existing systems
• Enabled WorldHotels to economically tackle new automation initiatives
• Helped to create an agile operating environment
• Reduced pressure on stretched resources
• Project delivered on time and to budget

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