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Super.AI unified AI platform for unstructured data processing unlocks unusable data at scale. It allows leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to extract insights and power automations using any data type, including documents, images, video, text, and more. Its unique value proposition includes:

– Unified AI platform that can process any unstructured data type – documents, images, video, etc.

 Automatic automation with a platform that learns from other AI and humans to create new AI workers customized for your data

– Outcome Guarantee – you select the trade-offs between quality, cost and speed, and we guarantee delivery to those Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

– Data Processing Crowd – that can be leveraged on-demand during initial setup and for post-processing/exception handling for 100% data processing coverage.



Brad Cordova
Founder & CEO


800 Bellevue Way NE, Suite 500 Bellevue, WA 98004
Super.AI was founded in 2018



Unstructured Data Processing Platform

Super.AI unified AI platform for Unstructured Data Processing (UDP) automates the processing of documents, images, videos, and more, turning unstructured inputs into actionable outputs capable of powering complex process automation.

Intelligent Document Processing

First-generation IDP solutions use basic AI techniques that require extensive setup, post-processing, and exception handling. Super.AI IDP is a next-generation solution built on a unified AI platform that can process any document or unstructured data type. It leverages the latest AI for the best results, guarantees outcomes, and offers access to an on-demand data processing crowd to accelerate automation.

Super Redact

More efficient and accurate redaction powered by AI for images, videos, and documents. It removes faces, text,  names from images, license plates and logos from videos, personal data from documents. 


It helps automotive, healthcare, media, and insurance companies stay compliant, protect personal data under strict regulations and still be able to continue expanding their services and support new data-based use cases.

Enhance Transaction Data with AI

Billing descriptors in bank statements are often confusing or completely unrecognizable.  Leverage AI to identify hidden patterns buried in unstructured billing descriptor data, then automatically transform unrecognizable merchant names into clear transaction records.


Both card issuers and cardholders benefit from having easily recognizable merchant names attached to each transaction.


Super.AI offers different solutions for your business:

Solutions by industry: Banking & Finance, Retail, Insurance, Logistics & Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment
Solutions by function: Accounting, Customer Support, Data Analytics
Solutions by technology: RPA, IDP
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