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Superhero’s Automation Tool – UiPath Automation Hub

by sol-admin

Leading an Automation Centre of Excellence is not so easy. Everybody wants their own digital assistant, and naturally, everyone’s automation idea is “The most important“.

But the truth is that some ideas are better for the business than others, and you’re responsible for transforming all these ideas into automation. Not to mention explaining to the CEOs what return on investment they’re getting from RPA.

So, what is the name of a tool able to manage the entire automation lifecycle? You already know its name because you have read the headline of this post.

UiPath Automation Hub is where employees connect to drive automation opportunities. It scales your digital transformation initiatives, saving you time and money. Automation Hub includes tools to easily manage your pipeline, and showcase your CoE to management.

Automation Hub also includes Task Capture, where business users can easily document manual processes, just by hitting play! UiPath Automation Hub even gamifies submitting automation ideas. Employees can save time automating future projects by storing reusable components.