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Synergy RPA Case Study (Australia)

by sol-admin

Synergy is Western Australia’s largest electricity generator and retailer that operates 2700 megawatts of power plants across the state. Its RPA journey started with a pilot project for a complex billing process, to test that Automation Anywhere could successfully interact with Synergy’s core systems, particularly SAP ERP.

After the success of the pilot, a business case was developed to automate different transactional billing processes. The initiative had 3 primary goals:

1. Realize $650,000 annual benefits within the first year by automating 80% of selected processes.
2. Reduce error rates to less than 5%.
3. Reduce the average handling time of each transactional process by 20%.

All these objectives were not only achieved but also dramatically exceeded. Let’s look at the overall benefit of RPA successful deployment:

  • 163% ROI
  • 99% Reduction in errors
  • $2.3M Overall annual value

Synergy has to date created more than 280 bots within a growing robot library. Overall, the initiative has streamlined billing, sped up payments, reduced debt secured savings and reduced outsourcing costs. Synergy experienced cash ROI within months of its RPA investment. The company is planning for continued investment in artificial intelligence into the future, where IQ Bots and virtual agents will interface with RPA to provide end-to-end processes with minimal human intervention.

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