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Tackling Nursing Burnout with UiPath Apps

by sol-admin

Nurses play one of the most critical roles in our society. As the central caretakers who guide patients through trying times, they don’t want to spend all day manually copying and pasting repetitive information. With UiPath Apps, nurses are freed to focus on what matters: patient care.

Hospitals can easily build custom interfaces to unite the disparate array of software nurses have to use on a daily basis. In this demo, you’ll see how UiPath Apps can be used by care managers to centrally interact with EHRs like EPIC or Cerner, or even ERP systems to schedule appointments. It’s all wrapped into one single, elegant interface with UiPath Apps.

So imagine you’re a nurse, and you’re starting a regular call with a patient. In order to get all the details about the patient, you have to go through different systems and screens in order to get their demographics and insurance plan, medical history, and whatnot. But if you have UiPath apps, you just open the app that you can bookmark in your browser or save it as a shortcut on your desktop. And while it loads, it actually has a robot running in the background, that collects all that information for you from all these different systems. And it gives you this unified UI of everything you ever need to know about the current patient. We have personal details, like date of birth, address, and so on. We have PCP details, insurance plan details, medical history, procedure history, and even conversation history. And this is just an example, you can have any information that you think is valuable here, because UiPath apps is a tool that allows you to build applications like this, by simply dragging and dropping the UI elements on a Canvas.

Watch this video to see all the next steps of automation.